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Lead Paint Testing & Lead Services Bronx, NYC

EPA Lead Safe Certified For Lead Paint Testing & Lead Paint Services

Lead Paint Services Bronx, NYC

New York Lead Paint Experts provides lead testing and removal services throughout the Bronx.

The Bronx has many old houses and buildings which may have lead paint. The presence of lead offers in hazardous living conditions, especially for small children. New York City law assumes that for any building built before 1960, that has at least 3 apartment units, and tenants under the age of 6; that lead paint is present and requires that owners and management companies take prescribed steps to test for and abate any lead found. Furthermore NYC requires that all lead testing and lead abatement services be conducted by EPA Lead Safe certified contractors.

NYLPE of the Bronx has a team of EPA Lead Safe contractors. We service the Bronx as well as the other 4 Boroughs of NYC.  Our Bronx customers are serviced by our teams based in Manhattan and Queens. They provide comprehensive lead paint testing and lead paint abatement services throughout all neighborhoods of the Bronx. Our teams specialize in the removal of HPD & DOH lead violations in the Bronx and have helped numerous building owners and property management companies located in the Bronx resolve the violations by removing all lead hazards and confirming that the abatement was done correctly and completely.

If you are a home owner, property management company, or tenant in Bronx, NY concerned about the presence of lead in your property, contact us today to speak with one of our EPA Lead Safe certified lead experts. Our specialists can help your property is safe for your family and/or tenants. We provide free consultations and free estimates for lead paint services in the Bronx.

Lead Paint Testing Services Bronx

At NYLPE we offer a wide range of lead testing services to home owners, building owners, property management companies and tenants in the Bronx. Out teams are EPA certified in lead paint testing and trained to conduct a number of lead testing services. It is our belief that safety starts with knowing. You cannot act unless you know that a problem exists and where it is. Our testing services are designed to provide this knowledge. The first step to ensure that a property is lead free is conduct a lead inspection with a Risk Assessment report or a comprehensive Lead Survey report. Once the presence and location of the lead paint is determined, an EPA lead certified firm can then perform abatement services. Following the abatement of the lead, the property must be again tested by another firm, not associated to the company that provided the lead abatement services, to confirm that the lead has been properly abated.

NYLPE has been providing lead paint testing services in the Bronx for years. Here are some of the testing services that our contractors provide:

  • EPA Certified Lead Paint Testing Bronx
  • Lead Inspection Bronx
  • Lead Surveys Bronx
  • Lead Paint Risk Assessment Bronx
  • XRF Testing Bronx
  • Dust Wipe Testing Bronx

Contact us today to discuss your situation with one of our specialists who services the Bronx. We offer free lead testing consultations and can provide you with a free estimate for lead testing services in the Bronx.

Lead Paint  Bronx

Once lead paint has been found on your property it may be necessary to abate the lead depending on if there are found to be hazardous conditions. Our specialists can help you determine if hazardous conditions exist and perform quick and complete abatement of the lead and resolution of the hazardous conditions. Our team is EPA Lead Safe certified in the abatement of lead paint. Lead abatement can be achieved through three different methods: Lead Paint Removal, Lead Paint Encasement, and Lead Paint Enclosure.

NYLPE are experience, trained and certified in lead paint abatement in Bronx, NY. Whether you are removing a lead violation or taking proactive steps to ensure your house or building is lead safe, New York Lead Paint Experts is here to help. Contact us today to speak with one of our representative that services the Bronx.

Lead Paint Violation Removal Bronx

Our firm specializes in the removal of lead paint violations in Bronx; primarily HPD & DOH violations. The HPD is the NYC Department of Housing, Preservation & Development which is the largest municipal developer of affordable housing in the nation. The DOH is the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Both city government agencies issue lead violations to home owners and property management companies in the Bronx and throughout New York City. They typically will issue a violation as a result of a lead inspection where lead was found. They are often alerted to hazardous lead conditions by concerned tenants. Once a violation has be issued the landlord or management company is responsible to resolve the hazardous conditions and they are required to utilize an EPA Lead Safe firm to conduct all testing and abatement services. Once abatement has been completed, a separate firm must be used to test and verify the resolution of the lead hazards.

NYLPE is certified, experienced and trained in resolving lead violations. We have years of work experience in the Bronx, and our teams in Manhattan and Queens frequently provide lead testing and lead abatement services in neighborhoods of the Bronx. If you are an owner or property management company in the Bronx, and have been issued a lead violation notice, NYLPE can help you ensure your property is lead safe, and remove the violation for your property records.

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Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Bronx lead paint experts. They can meet with you to discuss your violation and conditions of your property. They will be able to walk you through the process of resolving those violations and removing all hazardous lead conditions in your home or building and help you resolve the issue quickly and completely.
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