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Lead Paint Testing New York City

EPA Lead Safe Certified For Lead Testing Services Throughout NYC

Lead Paint Testing NYC

New York Lead Paint Experts of NYC provides comprehensive lead paint testing services throughout all 5 Burroughs of New York City.

In order to know that you are safe, you need the most accurate results.  New York Lead Paint Experts uses the latest technology and tools when testing for lead-based paint, in order to provide you with 100% accurate information. Additionally our team of experts has years of experience testing for lead paint; we know the signs and we know what to look for. We are a EPA Lead Safe certified for lead-based paint testing and abatement.

5 Reason EPA Say You Should Test For Lead

  1. Your child or a child who lives at your property has been diagnosed with lead poisoning.
  2. Your property was built before 1978 & small children are or will be living there.
  3. Your property was built before 1978 & you are about to remodel
  4. You are renting or buying a home. When buying a home, federal law allows the purchaser the opportunity to conduct testing to determine whether lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards are present.
  5. You are concerned about possible lead exposure to you, your family and pets, visitors or tenants.
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Two Primary Methods Of Lead Testing  

Dust Wipe Testing NYC

Dust is methodically collected from different areas of the home on specially designed cloths. These samples are then sent to an EPA-approved lab for a complete analysis.
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XRF Analyzer Testing NYC

Lead professionals use XRF analyzers to perform testing for lead around homes and businesses. These analyzers quickly and accurately determine the amount of lead exposure from deteriorating building paint or nearby industrial activity.
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These two methods are proven to be the most successful in determining lead hazards. Whether you’re a property manager, a homeowner, renting, owning, or about to buy, it is important to test for lead paint in your building. Lead testing is used to generate the following types of reports:

Lead Paint Risk Assessment Report NYC

A lead paint risk assessment report is an on-site investigation to determine whether or not lead is present, the type of lead present and location of the lead. Based on those findings the inspector can then assess the hazards presents and categorize the level of risk that they represent.
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Lead Paint Inspection/Survey Report NYC

A lead paint survey or inspection is a more comprehensive examination of the property. For this report the contractor will need to do a surface by surface examination of the entire property.
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Lead exposure can put health and safety of your family, children, and tenants at a high risk. New York Lead Paint Experts uses the latest technology in testing to give you the most accurate assessment of your safety and risk. Lead poisoning is preventable. Test to know if you are at risk.

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