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Lead Paint Removal New York City

EPA Lead Safe Certified For Lead Paint Removal Services

Lead Paint Removal New York City

Lead Paint Removal involves removal/replacement of lead-based paint with a non-lead containing coating. New York Lead Paint Experts is experienced in lead abatement through removal. They can help you determine what abatement method best suits your property and needs.

Lead Paint Removal Instructions from the NYC DOH

Lead paint abatement through the removal and repainting preserves historic or decorative building parts. To use this method to repair violations the firm must be EPA certified to conduct lead abatement.

To remove all lead paint on a surface, these steps should be followed:

  1. Select a paint removal method: wet scraping and painting; chemical stripping; using a heat gun; or power sanding with HEPA dust collector. Remove all paint from surface.
  2. Clean up debris and dust as you work.
  3. Seal surfaces with a primer and two coats of non-lead based paint or other coating material.

Lead Paint Removal Methods

As indicated above, there are several methods to effectively remove all lead based paint from a surface.

Wire Brushing Or Wet Hand Scraping 

The area is brushed or scrapped with a non-flammable solvent or abrasive compound. Liquid paint removers can be used on small areas such as windowsills, doors and woodwork. All removal professionals must use protective gear, such as gloves, safety glasses and disposable clothing when using this method.

Wet Hand Sanding Or Power Sanding With HEPA Filters

Only wet hand sanding and/or an electric sander equipped with a HEPA filtered vacuum attachment should be used. Dry hand sanding should never be done.

Heat Stripping

Using a low temperature heat gun, followed by hand scraping, the contaminated area can be removed. Heat guns pose a fire hazard, and make lead dust and vapors, so they should only be used by experienced professionals wearing respirators.

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